Wednesday, 29 February 2012

JACK OF ALL TRADE ....a must read

It was a sunny afternoon; all I could see were posters and colorful write ups with the inscription “jack of all trade, master of none. Walking down the street was not an exception, as bill boards and sign posts carried the same inscription. I got furious and was about to start tearing and pulling down those inscriptions as I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. Ouch, it was a dream.
Far from a dream, I found out I was obsessed with change, and was not willing to sacrifice it on the table of ignorance. A lot of us have clinged to the status quo and believed the saying “JACK OF ALL TRADE, MASTER OF NONE”. I hope I wouldn’t sound pious or sentimental, but the truth is, this saying came from the pit of hell.
A research by a group of psychologists in Harvard University, found out that an average person is talented to perform 500 task perfectly. This is profound in relation to the back drop that even genius use only 12% of their brains. What about YOU?
Well, as engineering students who have Christ in the inside of us, and the Holy Ghost who is our tutor, its not bragging to sound like Paul…. “We can do all things”. The truth still remains as napoleon hill said, whatever the heart of man can conceive, it can achieve.
Consequently, being a jack of all trade, master of all trade is over possible!!! After all our only limitations are those we acknowledge in our minds. let me say this, the only difference between what you can do and what you can not do, is separated by these three musketeers
·        Exposure
·        Persistency and consistency
·        Discipline
Whatever you can do today is because of these three factors
1.     EXPOSURE- you learned it
2.     PERSISTENCY AND CONSISTENCY- you’ve done it or practiced it over and over again.
3.     DISCIPLINE- you didn’t stop or give up, even when it was unfavorable for you
So is it, with what you can’t do – you didn’t apply this principles.
Consequently, deep in you lays the potential of a JACK OF ALL TRADE, MASTER OF ALL. Though, the truth is, it might not be that easy, but don’t forget that even new born babies don’t immediately start running after childbirth.
Quit the excuse picnic and go after your multiple heart desires. History is filled with men and women, who refuse to give up due to temporal setbacks. Abandon a man in the freezing Valley Forge, and you have a George Washington, hit him with multiple paralysis, and you have a Franklin D Roosevelt. Burn his feet with fire and tell him he will never walk again, and you have a Glen Cunningham, who set the 5 mile world record. Hit him with a bone marrow disease, and you have a Lionel messi, three times world footballer of the year.
Raise him in a black and racial society, and you have a Martin Luther King jr, put him in prison, only to come and become a president, and you have a Nelson Mandela. Call him names, dummy and mentally retarded, and you have an Albert Einstein. Allow him to fail consecutively for 15 times, and you an Abraham Lincoln. Abuse her sexually and you have an Opray Winfrey. Don’t believe in her, and you have a Mary Kay, who invaded the cosmetic industry. THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR YOU.
The world will loose its savor, if you don’t fully maximize the talents God have put inside of you. Refuse to accept this saying of limitation and know that with Christ in you, you are a jack of all trade, master of all. Go and affect lives. Meet you at the top.
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